Tuesday, 3 July 2012


So, I've been meaning to use this for a while but, obviously, haven't. Otherwise there would be more posts here. Where there are, uh, none.

Things I've done in the past year:

  • Finished my undergraduate degree, hurrah!
  • Started a postgraduate (MPhil Classical Archaeology)
  • Went on a dig in Italy
  • Went on a dig in York
  • Panicked about being a post-grad
  • Wrote a load of stuff
  • Panicked some more
  • Went to Rome on the BSR City of Rome course
  • Had an amazing time. Probably reassessed some stuff academically
  • Grew up and started going to conferences
  • Passed my first year exams
  • Became Secretary of the MCR
  • Going into second year with a good pass, a plan for a thesis and eye-narrowing determination. 
Or something like that anyway.

Things I'm going to do:
  • Write more
  • Read stuff and review them, maybe
  • Write interesting and preferably academic blogs
  • Add more dinosaur comics
  • Add pictures of things that are Ancient and AWESOME.
These are the things that may or may not happen. But hopefully will.

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