Sunday, 27 March 2011

So I Decided to Make a Blog

I'm Hannah. I'm an Oxford undergraduate and I have finals. So I decided to make a blog. Maybe as some kind of revision aid, but probably as extra procrastination.

I'm studying Classical Archaeology and Ancient History and apparently like it enough to proclaim this pretty openly.

How best to start? Perhaps a summary of who I am and what I like ... ?

Dear Hannah,
I have some questions for you, please answer them.
All the best,

Why did you decide to make a blog? Because I enjoy archaeology, ancient history and writing. I especially want to combine all three and get other people to learn about them. (If I'm totally honest, a few friends have been making their own blogs and I thought I might as well get in on it and maybe do it better ... *bad Hannah*)
Do you often talk to yourself like this? Yes. A lot. Some of the best conversations I have are with myself. Some of the best showers I've had have been at 2am.
Favourite areas of archaeology? Roman Art, Roman Architecture. Human sculpture. Attributing meaning to images. Political "propaganda".
Do you like digging in a hole in the ground? YES! Find me more holes!
Plans for the future? Become Indiana Jones. Maybe with fewer Nazis. Steal Tony Robinson's job and become best friends with Bettany Hughes (honestly not in such a creepy way as I'm making it sound). Dig up awesome things. Realise it's all futile and that I've technically been unemployed for 10 years and that my best friend is just a cardboard cut-out that I've been force-feeding it tea and biscuits every day and become a teacher. (I actually wouldn't mind becoming a teacher, I'd just like to do other things first. Not necessarily involving cardboard cut-outs).
Urm, right ... anything else we ought to know? Sure. I like dinosaurs (a lot). And rocks. And ginger wine. And collecting postcards. And Disney films (perhaps more than a 21 year old should). I like making a fool of myself in pantomimes and filing things away neatly. I like spring, soup and cycle rides. I live on a smallholding with goats.
Well. Everything's a LOT clearer now ... Thanks for that Hannah. No problem Hannah. Any time.

Hopefully that makes more sense...

Plan for these blogs? Promote interesting aspects of what I'm studying, either through what I'm learning about each week, revising (or failing to), or some interesting article in the media. If I'm completely honest, there will almost definitely be inappropriately history-related links to pretty pictures, not-particularly-Roman gladiators and maybe even a little Harrison Ford. But that's only if I'm feeling *really* inappropriate. Ohhooo.

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